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Terms and conditions


English lesson

You must be online and prepared for the lesson at the agreed time.

After each lesson, the teacher requests you to reply a confirmation e-mail which certifies the completion of that lesson. This e-mail forms the basis of the settlement between you and John’s English Blog.

Technical requirements

Before the first lesson you must properly install Skype on your computer. In order to be able to participate in our lessons, you must create a Skype account and add our teacher to your contact list. Our teacher is happy to assist you in doing this.

A broadband internet access is required to ensure audio and video quality. If the connection is poor our teacher may ask you to switch off the camera to achieve better audio quality.

Payment and fees

All fees and transactions are in euros, unless otherwise agreed. You pay EUR 1 for the trial lesson. Then you choose whether you pay for 1, 10 or more lessons in advance. The more lessons you pay in advance the higher the discount is what gives you from the standard rate.

Payments shall be arranged via John’s English Blog website using PayPal services.

By making the payment you accept this Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of John’s English Blog.

Bonus lessons

If you are on time for 10 consecutive whole lessons we will give you a free lesson.


If you are unable to attend the lesson at the agreed time you have to notify us 24 hours before the scheduled time. If you cancel your lesson less than 24 hours beforehand or miss it, the lesson will be considered completed.

The termination of the lessons are considered as force majeure in any of the following cases:

  • extremely bad audio quality,
  • disruption of the Internet connection on either side,
  • disruption of Skype service.

In case of force majeure, the lesson will be completed at another time.

If you decide to terminate your course and will not attend the rest of the paid lessons, the standard price of the completed lessons is to be deducted from the paid fee and the remainder will be refunded.

Exclusion of liability

John’s English Blog cannot be at any time held responsible for any damage caused by the performance or inadequacy of the services of any third party (e.g.: internet service provider, Skype)

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