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English—Latin cognates

English—Latin cognates ending in -ant


Many English words with a Latin origin end in -ant and will be familiar if you speak a Latin language. Beware of false friends!

Going to the supermarket in your pyjamas is aberrant behaviour.

Life was going very well. His career was in the ascendant.

The manager isn’t here, but the assistant manager is.

Complete these sentences!

  1. The protesters were not peaceful, they were militant.
  2. Students often eat instant noodles.
  3. Sir Lancelot was a valiant knight.
  4. The word “white” in “snow white” is redundant, because snow is always white.
  5. The expectant crowd cheered the arrival of the celebrity.
  6. A dinner suit is always elegant.
  7. On her wedding day the bride looked radiant.
  8. She dreamed of travelling to distant lands.
  9. The Queen is a very important person.
  10. Rome was the dominant power for centuries.
  11. The brilliant sun hurt his eyes.
  12. Sherlock Holmes noticed small details, because he was observant.
  13. After winning, Pele was carried from the pitch by his exultant team mates.
  14. Students prefer topics that are relevant to their lives.
  15. Teachers must be tolerant of students different beliefs.
  16. Her fragrant perfume filled the air.
  17. When I went skydiving I was reluctant to leave the aeroplane.
  18. The karaoke singer produced an awful discordant noise.
  19. ignorant people can believe anything.
  20. William the Conqueror was triumphant.

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