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English—Latin cognates

English—Latin cognates ending in -are


Many English words come from Latin words which end in -are. These word drop the latin ending in English. They will be familiar if you speak a Latin language. Beware of false friends!

For example the English word adapt comes from the Latin word adaptare.
The book has been adapted for television.

  • Spanish - adaptar
  • Italian - adattare
  • French - adapter
  • Valencian - adaptar

Many words follow this pattern:

My chair was too high so I adjusted it.

Sometimes I’m too embarrassed to admit making a mistake.

The committee adopted the proposal.

Complete these sentences!

  1. You could augment your income with a second job.
  2. Please, consider my proposal.
  3. You must limit your sugar intake.
  4. What did Rennie Mackintoch invent?
  5. I affirm that, what I say is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
  6. Speyside and the Isle of Islay export a lot of Whisky.
  7. A member of parliament should represent the people.
  8. British supermarkets import a lot of fruit and vegetables from Spain.
  9. Keep calm and carry on.
  10. I have to consult my partner before I can give you an answer.
  11. Can you confirm your offer in writing?
  12. I can’t make it today. I’ll have to cancel.
  13. Warning: this medication can affect your driving ability.
  14. Soldiers don’t walk, they march.
  15. I need a new tie to complement my new shirt.
  16. He’s obviously upset. Why don’t you comfort him?
  17. Please comment on my blog.
  18. The boss is going to assign Robert to the new team.
  19. The mayor will present the award for the best entry.
  20. Scientists experiment to test their theories.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you have any comments, questions or corrections please write them below.

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