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English—Latin cognates

English—Latin cognates ending in -ar


Some English words which end in -ar have a Latin origin. They will be familiar if you speak a Latin language. Beware of false friends!

For example the English word familiar. Many English words should be familiar.

  • Spanish - familiar
  • Italian - familiare
  • French - familier
  • Valencian - familiar

Many words follow this pattern:

In the church was a stone altar with candles and a large cross.

His face was not round, it was angular.

Should I get a square coffee table or a circular one?

Complete these sentences!

  1. solar panels provide electricity.
  2. Bees turn nectar into honey.
  3. There is a linear relationship between study and progress.
  4. The sailors used stellar navigation at night.
  5. The Earth’s polar ice caps are shrinking.
  6. I don’t want just any book, I want a particular book.
  7. Which house is yours? They all look similar.
  8. The singular of ‘mice’ is ‘mouse’.
  9. Russian Christmas is on 7 January, because the Eastern Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar.
  10. Rooms are usually rectangular.
  11. Scotland is very beautiful, it has spectacular countryside.
  12. Peppa Pig is a popular cartoon.
  13. The astronaut stepped onto the lunar surface.
  14. Don’t be vulgar, be polite.
  15. Do you want a large milkshake or a regular milkshake?
  16. Bodybuilders are very muscular.
  17. An exemplar is a good example of something.
  18. perpendicular lines have an angle of 90 degrees.
  19. Walls are often made from bricks and mortar.
  20. Sand is granular.

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